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Marc Prensky
Palo Alto, CA
American Writer and Speaker in Education
Marc is an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker, author, (8 books) writer (over 100 articles and essays), and “practical visionary”. He is the founder and Executive Director of The Global Future Education Foundation and the creator of the TWO BILLION KIDS PROJECT.
Max McGee
Chicago, IL.
Former Superintendent
Glenn “Max” McGee is the President of HYA, a premier consultancy focused on assisting boards of education and educational leaders. Max believes that every child is capable of excelling in school. With his robust experience, passion, and knowledge, Glenn “Max” McGee is an asset to the districts, schools, and communities he serves.
Esther Wojcicki
Palo Alto, CA
American Journalist
Esther is a journalist and award-winning educator, a pioneer in the integration of technology into the classroom, and a world renown advocate for students and teachers. She is the mother of Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube), Janet Wojcicki (Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF) and Anne Wojcicki (Founder and CEO of 23andMe) and the grandmother of ten.