COVID-19: Disruption in Education
Esther Wojcicki

Now, more than ever, we must implement innovative strategies for reaching our students and preparing young minds and future educational leaders for lifelong learning.


Listen to Esther Wojcicki and Lisa Kay Solomon as they share their experience and insights about innovation, collaboration, and facing a new challenge with focus and determination. Of course, nobody knows the future. But these trusted presenters make a good assessment. Both Esther and Lisa have an excellent track record of observing and anticipating trends, both in education and in business. They've shown their adaptability across multiple endeavors, with Wojcicki establishing a reputation as "The Godmother of Silicon Valley," and Solomon's work being translated into over a dozen languages.


This moment presents an enormous opportunity for educators to:
• Practice new methods for engaging students
• Foster a team mindset, even when at a distance
• Collaborate on strategies for providing opportunities for all
• Support each other, the students, and the community


These and other topics have been discussed as we touch on the difficulties that COVID-19 presents to
educators and how we can learn and persevere through this challenging time.


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