Leading with an Equity Lens - Solutions for Equity Centered Leadership in Education
Desmond Blackburn

An insightful - and inspiring - Virtual Talk led by Max McGee (former state superintendent, author, and thought leader in improving student welfare) along with guests Esther Wojcicki (“Godmother of Silicon Valley”, legendary teacher, and author of How to Raise Successful Children) and Desmond Blackburn (former superintendent and CEO of New Teacher Center). They confront hard truths to offer insight and solutions for closing the achievement gap and providing equity for all students:


1) “Business as usual” is no longer workable, given current economic and cultural circumstances stemming from the Covid-19 response and racial injustice protests in our communities.


2) How to elevate equity by celebrating diversity in classrooms and in extra-curricular activities.


3) What it means to truly lead with an equity lens: Addressing inequality and diversity with clear actions.


4) Strategy and insights for attracting and maintaining diversity in teachers and education.


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